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    Top 20 Houses For Sale in Los Angeles

    Top 20 Houses For Sale in Los Angeles

    Today’s blog is going to mix things up a little. Instead of an informational post, where you read my take on the market, today’s post is a curated list that is going to help you find the best homes in the current Los Angeles real estate market.

    Every month clients rely on me to choose homes for them. I’m the first to suggest that they send me a list of their favorites, they know that as a lifelong Los Angelino, I know the inventory better than anyone else. Admittedly, my taste may be a bit different than yours.

    Often, one of the choices that I send over to my clients becomes their forever home.

    I’ve Got You Covered

    In the long run, maybe I’m doing my clients a disservice since I rely on my own taste. Perhaps, I should insist on them providing me with their favorite inventory, first. However, I know that it can be a huge headache, especially when you consider that inventory in Southern California moves FAST!

    Personal tastes aside, the fact remains that there are 327 homes active on the market between $4m and $400 m right now. That’s a lot of homes, each with their perks and drawbacks. That’s why I’ve personally taken the time to hand-select my favorites.

    I’ve spent hours combing through this list, and chosen my favorite Top 20 homes for you to take a look at.

    Why These Homes?

    I cannot tell you why, I cannot tell you how, and I cannot tell you the rhyme or reason for why these houses have not sold yet, but these are my favorite homes available on the market right now!

    If you are in the market, this is where you should be directing your attention.

    There is something intriguing about each and every one of these homes that landed them a spot on this Top 20 list.

    Whether it be their design, their characteristics, their current value, or their potential to become a good deal in the near future, each of these homes made the cut for a reason.

    Now I want to reiterate something.

    All of these homes are on this list because of EITHER their value, their architectural integrity, their bang for the buck, or their potential to become very good deals if purchased correctly.

    However some of these homes you will look at and think to yourself, “Why does Josh like this one so much? I don’t see the deal? What’s the rub?”

    Keep in mind to be one of the best houses on the market doesn’t mean that it’s the best value currently, but it means it’s either architecturally significant, has good current value, has good upside, has a lot of bang for the buck, looks more impressive that it is priced, or has the potential to be a very good deal for someone.

    Again, I’m not saying every single one of these properties are the end all be all steal of the century, but I’m saying they’re all very special in their own unique and individual ways and many of them are extremely well priced… and I am watching these!


    10606 Chalon Rd

    10606 CHALON RD LOS ANGELES CA 90077 $5,788,000

    Great remodel in one of the best locations in Bel Air! Just steps from the Bel Air Hotel.

    8400 Grand View Dr

    8400 GRAND VIEW DR LOS ANGELES CA 90046 $5,250,000

    Architectural masterpiece with the most amazing city views up a gated private driveway!

    1471 Carla Rdg

    1471 CARLA RDG BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90210 $6,980,000

    711 Walden Dr

    711 WALDEN DR BEVERLY HILLS CA 90210 $13,250,000

    What a deal! So much bang for the buck! Amazing location!

    1045 Carolyn Way

    1045 CAROLYN WAY BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90210 $4,699,000

    The best values in Beverly Hills. How many homes can you find under $5 million in the city of Beverly Hills north of Sunset? This is one of them. This is a total sleeper.

    461 Bellagio Ter

    461 BELLAGIO TER LOS ANGELES, CA 90049 $10,495,000

    Amazing home on the west side of Bel Air. Amazing privacy. Great Hollywood history. Incredible renovation. Amazing value and wonderful mid century architecture.

    1136 N Doheny Dr

    1136 N DOHENY DR LOS ANGELES CA 90069 $3,950,000

    Amazing value in an A plus location. Prime North of Sunset lower Doheny. Cheapest home in the hood!

    1200 N Wetherly Dr

    1200 N WETHERLY DR LOS ANGELES CA 90069 $5,495,000

    Most charming house in the Lower DOheny area. Just reduced. Totally turn key. Amazing home. Serene private. Best house in the Strip.

    808 N Rexford Dr


    1162 N Wetherly Dr

    1162 N WETHERLY DR WEST HOLLYWOOD CA 90069 $6,495,000

    A gorgeous traditional home on prestigious Wetherly Drive.

    1110 Benedict Canyon Dr

    1110 BENEDICT CANYON DR BEVERLY HILLS CA 90210 $7,259,000

    One of my favorite deals on the market. Amazing value and totally overlooked. Amazing Hollywood Regency architecture and one of the best values in the city of Beverly Hills. Absolutely ground house. Totally renovated.

    915 Benedict Canyon Dr

    915 BENEDICT CANYON DR BEVERLY HILLS CA 90210 $13,500,000

    661 Stone Canyon Rd

    661 STONE CANYON RD LOS ANGELES CA 90077 $19,950,000

    Hands down my favorite deal in the marketplace right now. Why it hasn’t sold is beyond me. DEAL DEAL DEAL!

    901 Stone Canyon Rd

    901 STONE CANYON RD LOS ANGELES CA 90077 $8,195,000

    516 N Alta Dr

    516 N ALTA DR BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90210 $7,500,000

    A beautiful home on the 500 block of prestigious all to drive. This home has been totally renovated and turn key. An amazing value in the flats of Beverly Hills.

    1500 Seabright Pl

    1500 SEABRIGHT PL BEVERLY HILLS CA 90210 $19,500,000

    Amazing Hollywood history. Legacy is an understatement. This is one of the great historical homes of Beverly Hills.

    910 N Whittier Dr

    910 N WHITTIER DR BEVERLY HILLS CA 90210 $14,500,000 Just reduced.

    A plus location.

    924 N Hillcrest Rd

    924 N. HILLCREST RD, BEVERLY HILLS, CA $29,950,000

    1118 Tower Rd

    1118 TOWER RD BEVERLY HILLS CA 90210 $7,950,000

    9212 Hazen Dr

    9212 HAZEN DRIVE, BHPO, CA $10,450,000

    619 N Beverly Dr

    619 N BEVERLY DR BEVERLY HILLS CA 90210 $9,700,000

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