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    Notable Clients


    Ted Field
    Mayor Nancy Krasne of Beverly Hills
    DeBartolo family
    Pahlavi family, The royal family of Iran
    Alan Ladd Jr. and Family
    Secretary of the Treasury John Simon
    Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
    Betsy Bloomingdale (Bloomingdale’s)
    Stan Lee (Marvel)
    Rick Caruso (Caruso Afiliated)
    Black Family (Black Equities)
    Van Cleef and Arpels
    Andrew Zaro and Lois Robbins Zaro
    Harvey and Laura Alpert
    Dr. Amir Tahernia
    Gloria Lushing and Arnold Gilberg
    Art Davis
    Bedrosian Family
    Brendan Iribe (Oculus)
    Bruce Escowitz
    Bruce Vilanch
    Countess Tiscevitch of Poland
    Gavin Polone
    Gharavi Family
    Gilbert Chagoury
    Grazyna and Bill Simon Jr. (KPMG)
    Grinstien Family (Gemini)
    Hekmat Family
    Hutton Wilkinson (Tony Duquette)
    Jai Pathek (Gibson Dunn)
    Jay Bernstein
    Jeff Eiserman (Skinny Pop)
    Jerry Herman
    John Bendheim
    Kadisha Family
    Siegel Trading Company
    Kevin and Dale Lipton
    Len and Nancy Jacoby (Jacoby and Meyers)
    Lidan Afshar
    Lord Jason Hayes
    Lorraine Schwartz
    Luca Colombo
    Mani Family
    Mark Levine (Dollar Shave Club)
    Megdal Family
    Michael and Sheila Ricci
    Micheline Lerner (Lerner and Loewe)
    Michelle and Dr. Nathan Rubin
    Mike Heller
    Milla Jovovich
    Natalie Zimmerman
    Neil Lane
    Nick Bijan Pakzad (Bijan)
    Pashai Family
    Paul Daneshrad (Starpoint Properties)
    Paul Donzis
    Peter and Fran Lubin
    Harrison Refoua
    Spiegel Family (Columbia Savings)
    Ilan Sharone
    James and Natalie Bloomingdale
    Chagoury family
    Stanley Black
    Getty family
    Richard Groman (Groman Mortuaries)
    Rabbi David Barron (Temple of the Arts)
    Rick Solomon (Axis Clothing)
    Robert and Justine Bloomingdale
    Bob Hirsch
    Robert Lamm (Chicago)
    Sabrina Silvers and Steve Hitter
    Sam Freshman
    Sandy Gallin
    Schlesinger Family
    Scott Storch
    Shel and Kathy Bachrach (Bachrach Associates)
    Stacey Feldman
    Sandy Ward
    Amir and Ozzy Tahernia
    Alan and Sheryl Priven
    Marta and Allan Perrone
    Kasirer Family
    Steve Aoki
    Steve Wallace (Wally’s)
    Vivian Berndorf
    Wayne Kao
    Zach Zalban
    Harry Morton (Pink Taco)
    Sheinbaum Family
    Illoulian Family (AGA John)
    Jas Nakaoka

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